Seafood Markets and Restaurants

La Maison BeauSoleil (Huitres/Oysters), 42, rue Otho Street, Negue E9G 4H3, Canada

506.776.4545, Email address:

La Poissonerie du Creek Fish Market, 11314, Hwy 11, Pokemouche E8P 1J8, Canada

506,727.3387, Email address:

Distribution SBMB Ltee (Terrasse a Steve), Miscou 9650, Hwy 113

506.344.7000, Email address:

Huitre Dugas Oyster Baie de Caraquet, Caraquet, 675 boulevard St-Pierre Ouest Blvd

506.727.3226, 506.727.4619, Email address:


Marche de Poisson Bulger Fish Market, Le Goulet, 1028 rue Principale Street

506.336.8232, 506.336.1807, Email address:


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