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The New Brunswick Botanical Garden (Edmundston)

This year, the ravishing beauty of the garden will enchant visitors for a 20th season. It includes 11 thematic gardens and 2 arboretums on more than 8 ha (20 acres) of land along the Madawaska River. Luxurious vegetation and impressive mosaicultures makes for a truly peaceful oasis ideal for indulging the senses.

15 Isidore-Boucher Boulevard


New Brunswick

E7B 1A3



Petit-Sault Blockhouse (Edmundston)

Built in 1841 on a rocky outcrop where the Madawaska and the St. John River meet, this small fort overlooking the City of Edmundston was part of the British defensive line during the boundary dispute between England and the United States. Destroyed by lightning in 1855, the blockhouse was rebuilt in 2000 in accordance with original specifications.

14 St-Jean Avenue


New Brunswick

E3V 1C8



Cyr House (Edmundston)

The Cyr house, the oldest house in Madawaska County, was built by Alexis Cyr between 1825. It is a true example of the building methods used by the first Acadian settlers. Passed on from generation to generation until 1983, the house was purchased by the Madawaska Historical Society and moved to its current location.

Principale Street

Parc du Berceau


New Brunswick

E7C 1L5



Brasseurs du Petit-Sault (Edmundston)

Located in the heart of Edmundston, this award-winning microbrewery offers beers brimming with character. The beers are Belgian-inspired, with a distinctive New Brunswick taste. Meet Bob LeBoeuf, a Belgian style blonde ale or Sister Catherine, a West-coast type IPA. Each beer has a story to tell about this very special region of Madawaska County.

45 de l'Église Street


New Brunswick

E3V 1J4




Ploye Tasting (Edmundston)

A ploye, made with buckweat flour, is part of history and tradition for the Madawaska Valley and surrounding area. The ploye had a place of honour at the table for numerous families and would often replace the bread. A real ploye is not turned while cooking; it can be eaten with butter, molasses, sugar and maple syrup.

 Boulangerie Chez François

 Fiddlehead Café (Grey Rock Casino)

 Frank’s Bar & Grill

 L’Écluse - halte gourmande

 Marché Centre-ville

Hydrobikes rt55555555555r4555(Edmundston)

Pedal on the Madawaska River aboard your very own hydrobike, available at the Petit-Sault Marina in downtown Edmundston.

116 Victoria Street


New Brunswick

E3V 2H6

J.B. Michaud Blacksmith (St-François-de-Madawaska)

This historic museum displays antique tools and equipment used in the blacksmithing profession. It is located in a former blacksmith shop once owned by Joseph B. Michaud, who plied his trade for 62 years.

2056 Commerciale St


New Brunswick

E7A 1B3



Clair's Historical Site (Clair)

The historic site is located on the banks of the majestic St. John River comprises of 5 buildings including the historic house Daigle St-Jean. Guided tours, visitor information center, community garden and sites for rent.

724 Principale Street


New Brunswick

E7A 2H4

506- 992-3637


L'Acadie des Terres et Forêts en Fête (Madawaska Maliseet First Nation)

The show has been celebrating 400 years of Acadian history through song, dance and theatre for nearly 14 years now. On stage, about 30 talented young singers, dancers, actors and musicians give a very colourful performance. Let the fascinating characters transport you through their adventures to discover the region’s rich and wonderful history.

Grey Rock Casino

100 Chief Joanna Blvd

Madawaska Maliseet First Nation

New Brunswick

E7C 0C1



Du Réel au Miniature Railroad Interpretation Centre (Edmundston)

Du Réel au Miniature Railroad Interpretation Centre showcases the history of the rail industry and its impact on all aspects of life. As you walk next door, enter an amazing world in miniature! An 84-sq.-m (900-sq.-ft.) model layout recreates the New Brunswick railway transportation system. Grab your conductor’s cap and get ready to learn and play!

1091 Victoria Street


New Brunswick

E3V 3V5



Green River No. 3 Covered Bridge (Rivière-Verte)

Built in 1925, this covered bridge is 59 m (194 ft.) in length. Driving directions: Route 2, Exit 32, Davis Street North 4.9 km (3 mi.), onto Boniface Road.

Lavoie Maple Sugar House (Rivière-Verte)

Established five generations ago, this 50-acre family-operated maple grove is located 400 metres above sea level in the Appalachian Mountains in north-western New Brunswick. This location is ideal for the growth of sugar maples and for the harvesting of a sap of superior quality. Its long boiling time at low heat over a wood fire provides unique and refined flavours that are sought after by connoisseurs.

346 Davis Road


New Brunswick

E7C 2W9



Quisibis River No. 2 Covered Bridge (Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska)

Built in 1951, this covered bridge is 17 m (55 ft.) in length. Driving directions: Route 2, Exit 32, Davis Street North, turn right on Rivière-Quisibis Road 2.8 km (1.7 mi.), turn right on Lavoie Road 5.3 km (3.3 mi.), onto Deschênes Road.

Grand Falls Gorge (Grand-Sault)

Bring your camera to capture the Grand Falls Gorge, one of New Brunswick's best kept secrets! Discover the 1.6 km walking trail located along the spectacular gorge and appreciate breathtaking views from various lookouts. It is also possible to explore our famous gorge on a zip line or by kayaking. To better appreciate the gorge, walk down 401 steps to witness the wells in the rocks and be dazzled by this natural wonder.

25 Madawaska Road

Grand Falls

New Brunswick

E3Y 1C6